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Worldwide booking

At Roadshock, we specialize in tour booking services and promoting local shows in Berlin, offering a seamless experience for both international and German acts. With a track record of success, we've facilitated numerous world-wide, European, and German tours for acclaimed artists such as Banda Bassotti, Boo!, Skaladdin, Decrew, Drei Flaschen, and Fuzigish, among others.

In addition to our tour booking expertise, Roadshock has played a pivotal role in shaping the local music scene in Berlin. Our contributions include organizing performances at prestigious events like Popkomm festival and Fete de la Musique, as well as curating unforgettable club shows featuring a diverse range of international acts such as Pennywise, 99 Posse, Modena City Ramblers, Obrint Pas, Shandon, La Vela Puerca, Che Sudaka, ZeroCalcare, Fermin Muguruza, and Banda Bassotti, alongside promising local newcomers.

With our extensive network, industry knowledge, and passion for music, Roadshock is committed to providing top-tier tour booking and promotion services that elevate artists' careers and enrich the vibrant cultural landscape of Berlin and beyond.

Press promotion

At Roadshock, we offer comprehensive press promotion and publicity services designed to elevate your upcoming releases, tours, or single shows. Our dedicated team handles all aspects of promotion in-house, ensuring a seamless and effective campaign tailored to your unique needs.

With years of collective experience, our team members bring valuable insights from their work at press departments for esteemed clients such as Core Tex Records and SO36. This expertise enables us to craft compelling narratives, secure high-profile placements, and generate buzz that extends far beyond traditional promotional channels.

Whether you're gearing up for a tour, preparing to release new music, or planning a standout live performance, Roadshock is your trusted partner for strategic promotion that drives results and amplifies your presence in the industry.

Artist Management

At Roadshock, artist management is a finely tuned craft, tailored to the unique visions and goals of each talent on our roster. With a blend of strategic planning, industry expertise, and global reach, we propel artists to new heights in their careers. Our approach is deeply collaborative, rooted in trust and transparency, ensuring that every decision is made with the artist's best interests at heart.

We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate trends, identify opportunities, and navigate the complexities of the music industry with precision and agility. From personalized representation to meticulous strategic planning, we work tirelessly to maximize our artists' potential and amplify their presence on the world stage.

Merchandise Services

Benefiting from our sister company's eCommerce platform, we offer artists streamlined merchandise, ticketing, and fulfillment services with fully customizable options.

With this integrated solution, artists can easily manage their sales, ticketing, and orders while tailoring their offerings to their unique brand. Our partnership provides innovative tools to propel artists toward success in the digital age.

Feier Mettel Records

Since 1997, our label Feier Mettel Records has been a cornerstone in the music industry, boasting a diverse catalog of over 35 digital and physical releases.

Our label has proudly showcased the talents of renowned artists such as Drei Flaschen, Banda Bassotti, Fuzigish, Boikot, Disaster Area, Nihao?, Delikat, Divakollektiv, Lowchainz, and Argies.

Artist Consulting

In addition to our long-term partnerships and management services, we offer specialized artist consulting for specific projects.

Whether it's tour sponsoring, customs support, or financial controlling, we provide tailored guidance to ensure the success of each endeavor.