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Banda Bassotti
Roma, Italy
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Viento, Lucha Y Sol (Feier Mettel Records/Broken Silence)
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Banda Bassotti
Banda Bassotti born in 1981 in the suburban yards of Rome by a group of comrades carpenters who supports the political causes of the Nicaragua, Salvador, Basque and Palestinian population. In 1987 they decided to create the band, inspired by The Clash and The Specials, to express with their music the voices of the last of this world. In those years Banda Bassotti was present to the most important demonstrations in Italy and helped the squats to make the antagonist scene stronger to fight against every form of Fascism. In 1991 Banda Bassotti decided to release their first own record entitled “Figli della stessa rabbia”. The album gave them a great success that transformed the band from a local phenomenon to an international one. In 1995 they released their second album “Avanzo di cantiere” recorded in Euskadi with Kaki Arkarazo, Negu Gorriak guitarist. With this second album Banda Bassotti played in the most important cities of Spain: Bilbao, Madrid, Barcellona, Valencia etc etc. in front of an audience of more than 100000 people! In mid 1996 Banda Bassotti decided to split up the band due to the great energies spent and the difficulties to go on with the band and work in the yard everyday. In March 2001 Banda Bassotti decided to play a benefit concert and for the occasion they added to the band a trombone and a trumpet. People from whole Italy and Europe came for the occasion and Banda Bassotti played in front of 12000 people! In May 2001 Gridalo Forte Records decided to release the live-set of that concerts with the title “Un altro giorno d’amore”. In March 2002 they released “L’altra faccia dell’Impero” after 7 years from their last studio-album! For the promotional tour of this album they played hundred of concerts in Spain, Italy and also in Japan where they concluded the Fuji Rock Festival after the Red Hot Chili Peppers with thousands of japanese singing “Bella Ciao”! The following years seeing the terrible political situation all over the world with the raise of politicians like Berlusconi or Bush they decided to record “Asi es mi vida”, an album with popular political songs from all over the world. In 2004 they released their album “Amore e odio” and this time a part from Spain and Italy they went for the first time on tour in Germany. Banda Bassotti played also at the “Deconstruction Tour”, the European Warped Tour, with bands like Strike Anywhere, Mad Caddies, Boysetsfire.
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